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Our committed team of wearable app developers and designers uses innovative technologies to bring your ideas to life. We build wearable applications with the end user's requirements in mind and the end-user himself.

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We Develop Pioneering Wearable Applications

Appbiquity designs wearable device applications that make your workplace more intellectual and efficient.

Sensors and microprocessors are the bedrock of wearable technology. The sensors are commonly attached to a wearable device, enabling them to monitor the different activities. Motion, heart rate, brainwaves, and muscle activity may be measured using most of these sensors. Like smartphones, some wearables have small computers. These computers allow devices to engage with the other electronic gadgets in the environment; and that's where Appbiquity comes in with quality application designs offering top notch connectivity and seamless integrations.

Turn The Concept Into a Profitable Project

Our Wearable App Development Company provides Contemporary and Exceptional smart-device development , Enabling Businesses to work More Resourcefully and reach more audiences

Communication With The End-User

Usually, wearable applications have minimal to nearly no interactions. They automatically gather data and current output. Apps for wearable devices are created with user interactions, although only a few wearable applications need user input.

Boost Output And Efficiency

When combined with voice command, wearable technology increased picking productivity by 18% and identified pick spots by 140%. Productivity gains of 15% were achieved across the board in order fulfillment.

Enhanced Speed

During an operation, every second matters. Workers can do tasks more rapidly with improved situational awareness and equipment that don't need them to use their hands. Setting down and taking up mobile laptops numerous times a day eats up unneeded time.

A High Level Of Task Precision

A hands-free scanning and picking system is proved to minimize mistakes by 39%. Every warehouse has malfunctions and mechanical troubles, but you can enhance accuracy in your operations by using wearables.

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Appbiquity Progressive Wearable App Development Firm in the US, UK & UAE

Our Work Method Grows Or Shrinks As Per Your Project Needs

Our quality stays constant regardless of what size your wearable app development solutions project is. Advances in mobile technology have paved the way for wearable devices to become increasingly common in corporate and recreational settings. Breakthroughs in the methodologies and technology like custom wear OS expand our options and allow us to design apps that enhance the device's capabilities. Individuals and businesses alike are embracing wearable app development at a breakneck pace. Whether to track steps done or provide real-time work push notifications, organizations and individuals from all walks of life embrace wearable technology in Android and iOS wearable application domains.


Wearable Device App Development Services

In Appbiquity We Serve Every Possible Service for the Best Wearable App Development

Wearable Device App Development

Wearable Device App consultation

Wearable Device App integration

Wearable Device App UI/UX Design

Wearable Device App maintenance

Hire Wearable Device Developers

What Sets Us Apart From Other Companies?

Our Specialized App Developers and Determination to Fulfill Our Clients’ Requirements are Our Key USP!

Reliable Support Team

Appbiquity delivers end-to-end customer help and app creation and maintenance to make our customers more comfortable with the app.


Utilization of the Most Recent Tools and Technologies

With the most recent advancements in software and hardware, the Appbiquity wearable App Development Company creates an android wear app, custom smartwatch OS, android wear app development and many more services.


Promptly Concluded Projects

We employ only the most skilled app developers; we make it a priority to meet all deadlines. It does not matter whichever platform we are running on. We are recognized for our time-effectiveness.


Customer-Centric Approach

Our commitment to providing services that may benefit your company's growth as well as provide you with a unique user experience.


iOS App Development

PHP Web Development

WordPress Development

Blockchain Development

What Else Do We Serve Other Than Wearable Apps Development?

We could serve all important things that you could just think of since we are the leaders

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How Do We Revamp Your Current Mobile Application And Elevate Them To A Wearable App?

We assist our customers to evaluate early-stage concepts and develop them into exclusive product designs that are ready to be produced.

Detection And Control

At the core of our process, we use product management. Innovative design and cutting-edge technology are at the heart of all we do.


We employ this strategy in collaboration with agile to develop fun, practical, valuable, and viable solutions from day one.


Our wearable app development company helps you translate your idea into a deployable MVP in a low-launch time.


Using Appbiquity's corporate bespoke software development services and solutions, you may discover a world of new business possibilities.


#1 Appbiquity in UAE, UK, and USA with A Competency to Build Wearable Apps


For Startups

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Pool of Opportunities

  • Multiple Sales Channels


For Enterprise

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Pool of Opportunities

  • Multiple Sales Channels

Our Steps for Application Modernization

We Come Amongst the Leading App Innovators in the US, UK, and UAE

Beacon Integration

GPS Integration

Porting & Migration

MDM Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

XMPP Chat Server Integration

Wearable Integration

mBAAS Integration

Third-Part App Integration

Audio/Video Live Streaming

Custom API Integration

BLE Integration

  • 1


    • Wireframes,
    • Requirement List,
    • Milestone Plan,
    • UI Screens
  • 2


    • Android Studio Tool,
    • Android-IDE,
  • 3


    • Wireframes,
    • Requirement List,
    • Milestone Plan,
    • UI Screens
  • 4


    • Building APK,
    • Share APK,
    • Client Approval,
    • Release of APK

How Much Does It Cost For Wearable App Development?

What Factors Influence The Cost Of A Wearable App

Research On The Perceptions Of Users

Something you need to consider is who are your users? Wearable application technology is gaining popularity for a variety of reasons. It removes many errors from your development process that would otherwise clog it up.

App Design

This is the most crucial component for wearable device app development. A typical Wearable device design includes watch faces, notifications, voice commands, and native apps.

App Testing

When comparing mobile applications, the testing and maintenance expenses are more. There are a number of factors at play here, for instance, data syncing and emulators.


The kind of hardware and software platforms chosen has a significant impact on the costs of wearable app development. Android app development is expensive and more time-consuming than IOS.

Battery Life

The battery life of the primary device needs to be examined extensively. For this, many instances have to be analysed.


Cost disparities across nations and regions in hiring wearable app developers mean that the cost of a wearable app varies greatly depending on where it is built.


To offer our customers the best possible outcomes, we devote as much time as possible to research as a wearable app development company.

Graphic Design For User Interfaces

A wearable app's user interface differs significantly from a tablet or mobile phone app.

Screen Size

A range of screen sizes must be evaluated for wearable apps since they are designed to operate on several devices.




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