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Appbiquity is a trusted name in mobile app development with a proven excellence in delivering valuable Android and iOS apps.

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Top Mobile App Development Company

Augmenting technological excellence via agile app development solutions.

We have engineered purpose-centric digital solutions and services for startups and corporate giants. Utilizing expertise in the best creative way, we thrive to facilitate perfect business strategy through our app development solutions. Mobile apps curated by Appbiquity are high on demand and achieve an astounding number of downloads on both Apple App and Google Play Store. Our resourceful digital solutions are ideal for enhanced customer engagement and brand awareness along with climbing ROI figures.

Mobile Apps are bringing audacious possibilities to your Business door front

In the era of digitization, where there are apps for almost everything, the surge in mobile application development was quite obvious. Today, there are apps wearables, smartphones, iPad, IoT Devices, etc. App development has become a full-fledged business today, and team Appbiquity is dedicatedly developing pumped-up mobileapps for businesses. An app for your business can be the key to successfulness.

Top mobile app development

iOS App

Billions of iPhone Apps have been sold in the course of the most recent couple of years. Likewise, another purpose behind this high deal is the iPhone gadget with its huge screen, multi-touch choices and intense A6 chip is ideal for playing Apps which make the existence of iOS app development prominent.

Android App

Android houses an extensive variety of vigorous components that make it the most appropriate platform for App development. With brilliant media and equipment bolster, it gives a breathtaking gaming knowledge to the clients.

Enterprise App

The Mobile stimulation and Apps portion is getting to be bigger and better every passing day. Presently, with redesigned Windows Mobile Platform, it has turned out to be more dynamic, exciting and additionally enticing.The Mobile stimulation and App market is getting to be bigger.

Hybrid App

It can easily be stated that Native Mobile Apps are completely backed up with Web Services and Technologies. Hence, Hybrid Apps can be an advantage as it help in fusing elements of both into one making it easier to support and perform across multiple platforms in one go.

Hybrid apps have got significant hype since 2016 with more than 50% apps developed in Hybrid environment.

Tabulated as No. 1 Mobo Agency in USA with unmatched prowess in Android & iOS App Development

Appbiquity is known for its deftness and creativity in architecting contemporary digital solutions.


For Startups

  • Affordable App Development Solutions

  • Enhanced Reachability

  • Simplified Customer Services


For Enterprise

  • Open Source and High ROI

  • Robust Database Management

  • Amplified Loyalty


We thrive to provide you the best Android and iOS App Development Solution that is flexible, innovative, and result-oriented.

We have helped various businesses in getting top-notch Hybrid, Native and Web-based mobile applications which they cherished.

Native Apps

These apps are developed for a specific platform and are installed through an application store. Best known for unleashing the fullest potential of a device’s features, Native apps gain good App store recognition and offer better integration with mobile hardware.

Hybrid Apps

It’s a perfect blend of Web and Native app and is fast, secure, and easy-to-maintain. Hybrid apps are deployed in a Native container that uses a mobile web view object. The programming for these apps includes technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Tools & Technical Stack

We want you to get the best app development solution for your business that is backed by innovative technological solutions and unmatched deftness. Your Expectations become our priority and we build apps that matter.


  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Swift


  • Android M,N,O,P


  • Appsheet
  • Bizness Apps
  • iBuild App


  • SQLight


  • Corona SDK
  • Xamarin
  • Phone Gap
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Sencha Touch
  • Framework7
  • Mobile Angular UI


  • Android Studio
  • Android-IDE

Android SDK

  • Titanium Mobile SDK

Our Upbeat Services are Diverse enough to help you get a robust app Development Solution to drive growth.

Appbiquity is a renowned brand to get custom app development engineered to your distinct business requirements.

Android & iOS App Development

Android UI/UX Design

Custom Android Apps

Android & iOS App Integration

Enterprise Android & iOS App

Android/iOS Game

Android/iOS Wearables

Android/iOS Maintenance & Support

Our Android App Portfolios

With our effective and talented workforce, we have developed high-octane Android applications that have better visibility on Play Store.

Our Unparalleled Integration makes App Smarter & Smoother

We offer high-level app integration with our full-stack technological tools and software so that your apps can perform swiftly and create value for your business.

Beacon Integration

GPS Integration

Porting & Migration

MDM Integration

Payment Gateway Integration

XMPP Chat Server Integration

Wearable Integration

mBAAS Integration

Third-Part App Integration

Audio/Video Live Streaming

Custom API Integration

BLE Integration

We Deliver Happiness

We have successfully delivered 350+ mobile apps with our high-velocity innovative digital solutions in customized designs and progressive mobile apps for seamless digital experience.

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    • Wireframes,
    • Requirement List,
    • Milestone Plan,
    • UI Screens
  • 2


    • Android Studio Tool,
    • Android-IDE,
    • Android Debug Bridge (ADB)GameMaker: Studio
  • 3


    • Agile Methodology,
    • Wireframes & Requirement List,
    • Employing the best suitable App architecture
  • 4


    • Building & Sharing APK,
    • Setting up the best testing strategy,
    • Client Approval,
    • Release of APK,
    • Robust Backend Support
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Eager to know the exact cost of Android/iOS App Development?

Well, we don’t believe in claiming anything false. We deliver highly customizable app development solutions to our clients and the development cost depends on project complexities, features and functionalities.

Here is a list of common factors affecting development cost


Choosing the platform and device for which an app has to be developed plays a vital role in its development cost. Moreover, apps intended to support older devices require much extra effort and time that directly adds to the cost. Likewise, choosing between Android and iOS also varies in cost.


When your app is perfectly coded, it needs to be tested on various parameters like functionality, usability, and consistency. It requires diligent efforts to deliver apps which are scalable and accessible across multiple platforms.


This is one of the most critical aspects for an app to catch maximum eyeballs. Spending wholesome money in designing part is always a proactive investment. An Android app UX varies a lot from an iOS app UX, and these mostly depend on the size of an app and needs and requirements of clients.

App Security

Following all latest secure and authentic software and tamper-detection technology, we aim to develop apps which are immune to hacking and perform swiftly on dedicated platforms.

Features and Functionality

Depending on the type of environment (external or internal) and client’s demand, we employ the best technological tools and our expertise to get you your desired app. The app must be comprehensive and easily navigable for users where most menu items should be within tapping distance of the thumb.


Providing third-party app integration is crucial to ensure smooth performance of an app. Database and server-side objects are crucial elements to support functionality of an app and this requires high-end tools and software along with never-ending assiduousness.

Creative Animation/Visual Aids

The visual appearance of your app is a major component in deciding its success. We employ best of our creativity and knowledge to ensure attractive and stunning mobile apps which can allure myriads.

Integration points

Developing an app strictly for internal users, where you have the full authority over which devices and platforms will be supported; will be less expensive than doing so in the external environment. Having integration points will increase the cost of the app.


App requires constant updating, modifying, and reassessing of software applications to improve performance. A mobile app is never a one-time investment. You have to get regular updates, security checks, and bug fixes time-to-time along with proper technical support.

Appbiquity fits to your budget in every possible way.

Why Appbiquity is Distinctly Ahead?

Appbiquity is not Only an Idea, But a Dream to Meet Business Needs

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