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What can you accomplish with an Android app?

Android is a fast-growing smartphone operating system well-known for its frequent updates.

The way people use their mobile devices has changed significantly since the release of the Android operating system. Android has never been seen before in the mobile business. Today, we can witness a huge increase in Android users, and these apps are now talking about themselves in the device markets.

Mobile Game Development Is Getting More Popular

Android and iOS platforms have revolutionized the mobile gaming landscape with their excellent widgets from the beginning of mobile games.

The most profitable part of creating an app for developers is exploring their creative bounds to virtualize gameplay. Developers can come up with some of the most exciting mobile gaming app ideas thanks to the self-contained programs and additional features of Android and iOS platforms. This is one of the primary reasons why mobile games have become so popular, with the Google Playstore listing more than 477,877 different titles.

Select Appbiquity in USA with great competency to Build Android Apps

Android Mobile Game Development is extremely difficult than mobile app development as it requires you to play with concepts, imagination, and expertise with the support of a high-standard user experience.


In Appbiquity, we have the professional expertise to develop all kinds of games according to your requirement and demand.

Full-scale development

According to your preference, we develop an engaging and creative game application.

Top Quality

At Appbiquity, you will have a high-end game at an extensively reasonable rate.


How Do We Make Mobile Games?

Only a creative mind could produce such a robust and high-end game code. What should we do? Increasing our power in Android Game Production, we promote and practice all forms of game development. With the help of real-life gaming characters, we may effortlessly transform your deep core thoughts into real-life fantasies. We have a team of experts in comic-style art photorealistic 3D animations and models. We come up with and implement new enticing and promising concepts for every single one of our customers.


We can create a high-quality gaming app for you at a price you won't believe.

Superbly Made

All of our projects are well-executed, interesting, and produced at a high level of quality.

Proficient Programmers and Developers

We at Appbiquity have a team of Android game app developers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates that are always ready to assist you with an immediate answer.

Dedicated Android Game Development Company

Get Help from the Best custom mobile development companies in the United States, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

To better understand your ideas, our staff would engage with you by phone or face-to-face meeting; they would sketch your concept on paper and assess it for any highs and lows.

Our top-notch game app developers will begin creating your game as soon as you grasp the idea.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Your allocated game will be made available for purchase in the marketplace after successful completion and analysis of comments.


Specialized Mobile Game Development Services

We create and deliver more than 150 mobile games every moth. Providing high-quality, bespoke mobile game development solutions is an important component of achieving success in a 7-year game app development journey. This is a great resource for entrepreneurs, and at Appbiquity, we treat it with the utmost respect.

Specialized Mobile Game Development Services

App Development

Our phone game designers keep abreast of the latest and greates tools and technologies in the industry to deliver games with breathtaking visuals , characters with dynamic storylines and environments that will mesmerize the players. We provide HTML5 gaming app development services from a large pool of app designers and developers.

Multiplayer & Single Player

Our team of Android game developers can create a variety of single-player and multiplayer games for the Android platform.


Developing a game alone is not enough for us to give the finest app development service. As a result, we often release new versions of our gaming applications to keep their user bases happy.

The UI's

At Appbiquity, we strive to provide the simplest and most user-friendly interface possible for gamers.

Unreal Engine 3

Appbiquity also specialises in creating Unity games with stunning visuals and smooth animations.

A Character in a Video game

The success of a game is largely dependent on the quality of its narrative and characters. We at Appbiquity are particularly interested in creating a variety of realistic-looking animated game characters to enhance the realism and intrigue of the game.

Play 2D & 3D Games

Our team of game designers is capable of creating a variety of innovative frameworks for the creation of games with both a 2D and a 3D user interface.

Deployment of the PlayStore

All of our top-tier game creators have their personal developer account on the App Store, which they use to create and distribute new games and applications.

Prototyping for games

Developing a prototype for a game is the most important yet undervalued aspect of the development process. Appbiquity's experienced game creators, on the other hand, place a high value on testing ideas before a game is released to the public.

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